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Under what circumstances can a juvenile be charged as an adult?

If your child winds up in legal trouble, you may feel like you are at a loss for what to do next. Faced against the Texas justice system, you may not know how to help your child. One major concern that parents have when their children face criminal charges is whether the court can charge … Read More

How can DWI in Texas affect my license?

DWI laws are stringent in the state of Texas. You may get a driving while intoxicated charge (DWI) when your blood alcohol is slightly above 0.08 percent and 0.04 percent when driving a commercial vehicle. If your blood alcohol concentration levels are above that, you may be pulled over and taken trough several tests, among … Read More

A DUI arrest may derail your child’s professional goals

At one time or another, every parent has asked his or her children what they want to be when they grow up. Police officers, firefighters, lawyers, doctors and veterinarians are common answers. Unfortunately, though, if officers arrest the young one in your family for driving while intoxicated, fulfilling professional goals may become nearly impossible. If … Read More

Reducing teenage drinking and driving

The majority of Texas residents know that drunk driving is a fairly common problem across the state. Most parents of teenagers know how severe the penalties for this behavior are, and they want to do everything possible to help prevent drinking and driving. While it may not be possible to eliminate all teenage drunk driving, … Read More

Not easy to test drivers for marijuana

People who support the legalization of cannabis in Texas often point to the fact that drunk drivers kill more people every year than those under the influence of marijuana. Even so, driving under the influence of weed can be dangerous. Like any other drug that affects emotions or thought processes, this may impair driving and … Read More

How does methadone treatment work?

Opiate addiction is a serious issue for many people within Texas as well as elsewhere around the country. Finding the right treatment is crucial for people struggling with addiction, especially when it comes to withdrawal, which can cause serious discomfort and other painful symptoms. Methadone is one possible treatment for those dependent on opiates, as … Read More

What are the risk factors regarding juvenile crime?

Despite your best efforts to raise a good kid and provide an equally good life for him or her in Texas, your child has had a few run-ins with the law. Are there factors at play that you are not aware of?  To help you gain a level of understanding, look to They offer risk … Read More

How does the Collin County diversion program work?

There is a new approach to handling drug crimes in Texas and across the country. Many states have decriminalized marijuana due to the increase in the number of states where it is legalized. Other drug charges are seeing reductions in sentences and other options that lower the amount of time someone spends in jail. In … Read More

Middle school student charged after bringing gun to school

Texas parents may find themselves needing to talk to their children about guns again. As reported by FOX4 News, a student was charged with a second-degree felony after bringing a gun to school. Another student at the Mansfield ISD school reported the firearm and administrators contacted the police. Upon arrival, law enforcement found the student … Read More

What can you do to decrease relapse after your child’s drug charge?

It is a parent’s worst nightmare to find out that his or her child is involved with drugs. Nowadays, with the high availability of drugs in Texas, it is no surprise that teenagers know where to find them. A child’s addiction may begin at home, with friends or even after an injury. No matter the … Read More