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How does methadone treatment work?

Opiate addiction is a serious issue for many people within Texas as well as elsewhere around the country. Finding the right treatment is crucial for people struggling with addiction, especially when it comes to withdrawal, which can cause serious discomfort and other painful symptoms. Methadone is one possible treatment for those dependent on opiates, as explained by Healthline.

Methadone is a type of opioid that can actually be used to manage significant pain. Because it’s an opioid, it can also be used to ease withdrawal symptoms for people who use this class of drugs on a regular basis. While not usually dangerous, withdrawal effects like nausea, leg pain, and anxiety make it difficult for people with addiction issues to become sober. Methadone and similar drugs help manage these effects so a person can avoid relapse.

However, methadone is not without its own risks. Along with milder effects, such as dizziness, headache, and stomach pain, it can also have a serious impact on a person’s health. Respiratory failure has been known to occur, as has confusion, shallow breathing, and low blood pressure. When these effects are experienced, a person must seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Another risk associated with methadone is physical dependence. While it doesn’t cause the same effect as heroin or other drugs, a person can become physically dependent on methadone after taking it for an extended period. Methadone should only ever be provided under a doctor’s care so the dose can be managed appropriately. Doctors must also be aware of other medications a person is taking, as dangerous drug interactions may occur.