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Staunchly Protecting Your Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Both the U.S. and Texas Constitution allow citizens to own and bear arms. However, there are laws that govern the type of weapons allowed and where and how the citizen may carry the weapon.

Under the Texas penal code, you may not knowingly, intentionally or recklessly carry an illegal gun or illegal knife unless you are on your own property or property under your control. If you do, law enforcement can charge you with unlawfully carrying a weapon. Located in Plano, Stephen H. Miller, Attorney at Law, has more than 35 years of experience defending weapons charges.

The Penalties For A Weapons Charge

Unlawfully carrying a weapon typically results in a misdemeanor, but certain offenses may warrant a felony charge. Your intention with the weapon, your state of mind at the time of the alleged offense and any prior criminal activity are factors that can affect the severity of the charge.

Possible penalties for a misdemeanor offense include:

  • Fines of up to $4,000
  • Up to one year in jail

If charged with a felony you face:

  • Prison sentences ranging from two to 10 years
  • Fines of up to $10,000

In addition to incarceration and fines, most weapons charges result in the loss of your right to own a firearm.

Self-Defense And Weapons Charges

In these turbulent times, we prioritize feeling safe and secure. Many Texans own guns for self-defense and turn to them for protection when a threat arises. Although the law no longer requires you to retreat before using force in self-defense, the use of a weapon against another can result in legal charges. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Miller possesses acute insight into how the prosecution pursues these cases and can build a strong defense to support your right to protect yourself.

Protecting Your Right To Bear Arms

Whether you own weapons for protection, hunting or sport shooting, losing your right to possess firearms can be grievous. Don’t let it happen to you. Call 972-578-7097 or email the firm to arrange a consultation right away.