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Put A
Former Prosecutor
On Your Side

With more than 35 years of prosecutorial and criminal defense experience, Stephen H.  Miller is the right choice to protect your rights, record and freedom.

Criminal Defense For Dallas And Collin Counties

Proven, Respected Criminal Defense Representation

Whether it is your first arrest or you’ve been through this before, you know how stressful and intimidating the criminal justice system is. At Stephen H. Miller, Attorney at Law, we are the aggressive advocates you need when so much is on the line. A widely respected trial attorney, Mr. Miller is a former prosecutor who understands how these cases work from both sides. He can give you keen insight into your rights and options and explain what you can expect at every turn.

Why You Need An Attorney ⤵

An arrest does not just go away, which is why having the right attorney on your side is essential.

Protect Your Rights

We can speak with police and prosecutors on your behalf and ensure law enforcement does not illegally search your home.

Build A Strong Defense

We know what it takes to protect you. We work with the right experts to collect the right evidence and tell your side of the story.

Negotiate On Your Behalf

A former prosecutor, Mr. Miller knows how they approach cases and how to put you in the strongest possible position.

Fight For You At Trial

We prepare for trial from day one. If necessary, you will have a forceful advocate in your corner.


“Stephen is by far one of the best attorneys in the county. Stephen is caring, kind, and smart. He will work with all of his clients and go to bat if needed against the state. However, don’t try to BS him, he has no issue telling you how it is and will give it to you straight every time. Stephen is a proud member of the sarcasm society, so don’t wear your feelings on your shoulders. I would highly encourage anyone to hire him if you want your case taken care of with the best results.”


“I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Miller. My son had gotten himself in a bit of trouble. Mr. Miller went above and beyond in looking for the truth in his case. He was very thorough, kept to the facts, didn’t play any head games, and kept me up to date on what was happening. I was given a flat rate of what it would cost and did not get any surprise cost adjustments later on. If you need a superb criminal defense lawyer, I highly recommend Mr. Miller.”


Make Your Next Step The Right One.

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The choice you make in legal representation will have a large effect on the outcome of your case. Work with an attorney who has the experience and skills you need to protect your interests and help you move on with your life.

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