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The potential impact of a DWI on a medical license

When doctors face a driving while intoxicated charge, it may affect their medical license. Texas has strong laws to address DWI, including a one-year suspension of a driver’s license, jail time and a fine of $2,000 for a first offense.  In Texas, health care providers must report a DWI arrest or conviction to the Medical Board. … Read More

Can you still carry a gun in Texas?

With all of the national press that gun control issues have been getting, you may be wondering how the current law in Texas is written regarding possession of firearms. Your second amendment right still remains a valid part of the constitution; however, some very specific limitations dictate when and where you are allowed to carry … Read More

How have Texas marijuana laws changed for 2020?

Due to recent changes in Texas state law, you may feel confused about whether or not marijuana is legal. The short answer is that marijuana is still illegal for recreational use, and there are limitations to its medical use. However, according to the Texas Tribune, new laws enacted by the state government last year made … Read More

Will an arrest affect your teen’s chances of going to college?

If your teen was involved in criminal activity and arrested for it, you may worry about how the arrest will affect his or her chances of getting into college. Though it is true that an arrest is a not a conviction, the admissions officers at the universities for which your teen applies may worry that … Read More

What statistics say about drunk driving in Texas

Researchers recently released findings showing that arrests for drunk driving in Texas have trended downward over the last ten years. However, another study suggests that Texas is still one of the most dangerous states in the nation when it comes to impaired driving. In 2018, there were 330 drunk driving arrests for every 100,000 people … Read More

The consequences of underage drinking and driving

In Texas, just as in any other state, underage drinking and driving have dire consequences. Not only can the results end in fines, probation and jail time, but they can also end in death. Texas parents may not realize the statistics or penalties that come with underage drinking. Knowing this information, parents may be able … Read More

Do juveniles have their records sealed?

If you commit a crime as a minor in Texas, then you might have heard that the court may seal your record after you turn 19. For crimes you commit as a minor, the courts do tend to treat more gently. Age can factor into crime and for some crimes, you will not face the … Read More

Financial hardships and drunk driving charges

For those facing financial hardships, drunk driving charges are especially disruptive. Sometimes, these cases result in financial difficulties due to time behind bars, the loss of one’s job, an inability to find a new job and hefty fines. On the other hand, some people who are in poverty prior to a drunk driving arrest have … Read More

Texas schools battle vaping upsurge with criminal charges

A sharp increase in vaping among students in Texas schools has led to alarm among administrators over this fairly new public health crisis. According to The Texas Tribune, there has been one death – and over 200 severe lung injuries – in this state attributable to vaping since the Center for Disease Control (CDC) started … Read More

What are the signs of drug addiction?

Drug addiction may seem like an obvious issue, one that could be easily identified in yourself or family members. However, it’s not always to recognize these signs, especially when addiction hits close to home. WebMD offers some examples of potential indications that an addiction issue is prevalent so you can take the next steps to … Read More