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Can you still carry a gun in Texas?

With all of the national press that gun control issues have been getting, you may be wondering how the current law in Texas is written regarding possession of firearms. Your second amendment right still remains a valid part of the constitution; however, some very specific limitations dictate when and where you are allowed to carry a handgun. 

Two of the clauses that you may find pretty obvious can be found in the Texas State Legislature. Anyone who is prohibited by law to possess a firearm (such as a felon) or who is engaged in criminal activity may not have a handgun on their person at any time. 

Where you can carry a handgun 

In lieu of any special certifications, you are only allowed to carry a handgun on your personal property. That means that you can carry your handgun if you are in or en route to your own watercraft or motor vehicle, or if you are on your own premises. 

There are exceptions to this rule. You must not display your handgun in plain view unless you have a license to carry, and even then, the gun must be kept in a belt or shoulder holster. 

The potential penalties 

As long as you follow the above laws, you should be fine to go about with your handgun within your property. However, do be aware that if you are caught with your gun at a place where alcohol is sold, you could be charged with a third-degree felony. Violating this law anywhere else can still land you with a Class A misdemeanor.