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Understanding constructive possession

At the law offices of Stephen H. Miller in Texas, we represent many clients accused of committing a drug crime. Consequently, we know the serious penalties you face should you become convicted of perpetrating such a crime. We also know, however, that depending on the circumstances of your arrest, the prosecutor may have a difficult … Read More

How are theft, robbery and burglary different?

Should you face theft, robbery or burglary charges in Texas, you may be confused as to what differences exist among these three. FindLaw explains that while all three charges represent stealing crimes, they nevertheless are three distinct crimes for which the prosecutor must prove different things in order to convict you. Some states call theft … Read More

Do juveniles have their records sealed?

If you commit a crime as a minor in Texas, then you might have heard that the court may seal your record after you turn 19. For crimes you commit as a minor, the courts do tend to treat more gently. Age can factor into crime and for some crimes, you will not face the … Read More

Are you eligible for DWI/DUI record expunction?

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, some can follow you for life. If you receive a driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated conviction in Texas, you could face both short- and long-term consequences. After a certain amount of time has passed, the Texas courts may approve a request for expunction. The Texas Code of Criminal … Read More

Is it easy to write a bad check?

If you do not have enough money in your Plano bank account to cover a check you write, the check is going to bounce, meaning it will come back to you. Bounced checks can be a big problem with financial and possibly even legal consequences, yet nowadays it seems harder to avoid writing one. There … Read More

How does a DUI conviction affect your employment?

As you go about establishing or enhancing your Texas career, you need to know that receiving a DUI conviction could seriously hamper your efforts. For example, if you currently attend grad school for the purpose of working in a profession such as law, medicine, architecture, engineering, etc., the state board that grants you your necessary … Read More

New to drug charges in Texas?

The proximity of Texas borders to Mexico has resulted in major drug trafficking throughout the state. Texas lawmakers are aware that the flood of contraband controlled substances and illegal drugs requires strong legislation. Texas has some of the harshest drug laws in the nation. Drug paraphernalia in Texas Heavy fines and incarceration occur with the … Read More

Texas trends towards no longer prosecuting petty drug possession

In 2015, 78% of people convicted of felony drug possession in Texas possessed less than one gram. In other words, for possessing drugs amounting to less than the weight of a paperclip, people have gone to prison. The bulk of narcotics prosecutions in Texas consist of petty drug amounts like these, but that could change … Read More

How does Texas law define a “child”?

If you recently learned that the state charged your teen with a criminal offense, you may wonder if it will try him or her as an adult or a juvenile. This is a question many parents who deal with the Texas court system for the first time have, and it is a valid one, as … Read More

What to know about deferred adjudication in Texas

Is there a way in the state of Texas to avoid a criminal conviction and jail time? Under state law, it is possible for someone charged with a crime to seek a deferral of the normal sentencing and punishment that would accompany a guilty conviction. If you are the parent of a child facing criminal … Read More