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Do juveniles have their records sealed?

If you commit a crime as a minor in Texas, then you might have heard that the court may seal your record after you turn 19. For crimes you commit as a minor, the courts do tend to treat more gently. Age can factor into crime and for some crimes, you will not face the consequences of these crimes being on your record throughout your lifetime. Some juvenile records can undergo sealing.

According to the Texas Juvenile Department, if you face charges as a minor and received conviction of a misdemeanor then you may have your records sealed when you turn 19 years old. For this type of record sealing, you do not have to apply through the court.

After records are sealed, you do not have to make any referrals to the juvenile court system. When applying for employment, housing or college admission, you do not have to state any involvement with the court. Likewise, a person can deny that he or she was ever a part of a criminal proceeding. Now, if you need access to the records, a court will unseal records at your request. Additionally, if a prosecutor may uncover charges after a court seals them for a minor. Prosecutors access these charges in future prosecutions.

In terms of any class C misdemeanor, juveniles do not have to disclose these to the public. In fact, if a juvenile has one conviction before his or her 17th birthday, then he or she may have his or her record expunged.

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