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How does the Collin County diversion program work?

There is a new approach to handling drug crimes in Texas and across the country. Many states have decriminalized marijuana due to the increase in the number of states where it is legalized. Other drug charges are seeing reductions in sentences and other options that lower the amount of time someone spends in jail. In Collin County, there is also the diversion program, which could be exactly what you need if you face a drug charge.

According to the District Attorney of Collin County, a diversion program offers alternatives to drug offense sentencing besides going to jail. The idea behind this type of program is to help reduce the number of people in jail while also giving punishment for the crime. The program also provides you with education and programs to help ensure you do not end up back in front of the court.


The program is not open to everyone. You must complete an intensive application process and acceptance is not guaranteed. Only certain crimes qualify for the program, which includes drug possession. However, if you have a previous felony charge or a charge for a violent misdemeanor, then you cannot enter the diversion program.

The details

The diversion program starts before your conviction. It can help you to avoid conviction and a criminal charge on your record. It is voluntary, so you do not have to enter it, but if you do, you must agree to all the terms and conditions. You must participate fully and complete all requirements.

During the program, you will take classes on a variety of subjects:

  • Life skills
  • Job preparedness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Workplace issues
  • GED classes
  • Anger management
  • Drug and alcohol counseling

You also will get a life coach and mentor. There may be job placement services available. The program should both fit your needs and what those in charge feel can help you in your situation.