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Roughhousing Can Lead To Criminal Charges For Your Child

Children have all the same emotions as adults, but often, they have less control over their feelings. When a child is angry or frustrated, their emotions can manifest into physical outbursts. If your child was in a fight and juvenile assault charges followed, Stephen H. Miller, Attorney at Law, can provide much-needed protection and guidance.

Allegations Of Violence

Until recently, society considered roughhousing between peers to resolve a small disagreement to be typical and nothing to worry about. Now fights and threats can be the basis for juvenile assault charges. It is important to note that physical contact between your child and the alleged victim is not required.

Your child could face juvenile assault charges for:

  • Threatening another person with physical violence
  • Causing another person to fear imminent harm
  • Attempting to cause injury to another

Texas considers children between the ages of 10 and 16 juveniles. However, if the accused is over age 14 and used a deadly weapon or caused serious bodily harm, the prosecution could attempt to charge and try them as an adult.

Although the juvenile justice system mainly focuses on rehabilitation, Texas has rightfully earned a reputation for being harsh on people accused of committing crimes. Collin County, however, often chooses to stress rehabilitation over punishment for juveniles. A former prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney, Mr. Miller understands this system and has successfully steered many juveniles through this system.

Act Quickly To Protect Your Child

Once charges have been filed, the juvenile justice system often moves more quickly than the adult system, so you need to act fast to ensure your child has adequate protections. Don’t let a youthful indiscretion cause a permanent blemish on your child’s future.

If your child charged with juvenile assault, we can help. Arrange an appointment at our offices in Plano or Garland today. Reach the firm via email or call 972-578-7097.