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Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer In Plano

Accusations of family and domestic violence are grave and deserve serious attention. Unfortunately, however, many of these claims are unfounded or filed in an effort to gain the upper hand in a conflict, such as divorce and custody battles.

At Stephen H. Miller, Attorney at Law, we are committed to protecting the interests of those who have been ordered away from family and friends due to unfounded claims.

Dealing With Protective Orders

Attorney Stephen H. Miller has more than 35 years’ experience representing the interests of those charged with criminal offenses. He takes a bold and aggressive stand on behalf of his clients to protect their rights and achieve justice on their behalf.

If someone has sought protective orders against you, we can work to defend your rights and protect your interests. You do not have to accept the orders brought against you. With the skill and experience of a veteran criminal defense attorney, you can work to return life to normal.

For More Information About Domestic Violence Charges In Texas

The outcome of a case often lies in its unique details. To best understand your situation, call 972-578-7097 to discuss the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the conflict, or contact us online. Phones are answered at all times, and answers and information are readily available. We are highly responsive and will provide speedy answers and information. We understand how important your case is, and we are committed to providing each case the attention that it deserves.