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What is an ignition interlock device?

It is unsurprising that Texas is tough on DWI charges: thousands of Americans sustain injury or die as a result of drunk driving each year. While all states in the US have laws against drunk driving, they do differ slightly between states.

In some instances, if you have a DWI conviction in Texas, you need to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle if you wish to continue driving. According to FindLaw, if you must have an ignition interlock device, you are responsible for paying for the device.

What is an ignition interlock device?

The best way to describe an ignition interlock device is that it acts as a breathalyzer in your vehicle. In order for the vehicle to start, the driver needs to blow into the ignition interlock device. The device then detects whether there is any alcohol on the breath of the driver. If there is, the car will not start.

The ignition interlock device will also require the driver to breathe into it while the car is operating. This is to ensure that the driver has not consumed any alcohol since starting the vehicle.

Who needs an ignition interlock device?

For a first-time DWI conviction, you can choose whether you prefer to have your license suspended for a certain amount of time or install an ignition interlock device. For this to be an option, the blood alcohol level must be lower than 0.15 at the time of arrest.

For a repeated DWI offense, the driver’s license is automatically suspended and once reinstated you must install an ignition interlock device for one calendar year.