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What happens after a DWI?

A DWI arrest is a very serious matter in Texas. Along with endangering the lives of other drivers, people who are charged with this offense face a number of serious consequences, including jail time, fines, and loss of license. Very Well Mind explains some of the additional consequences of a DWI.

Ignition interlock

An ignition interlock is a device that is installed in your vehicle. Much like a breathalyzer, you must blow into the device to receive a reading on blood alcohol content (BAC). If your BAC is above the legal limit you won’t be able to start the vehicle. Additionally, you may be assessed extra fines or other punishments if you breach the legal limit. In most cases, the person charged with DWI is responsible for the cost of installing this device.

Drunk driving classes

License suspension is common with DWI. As a condition of reinstating your license you’ll be asked to attend drunk driving classes, which go over the many dangers of driving while inebriated while also providing tips to avoid these behaviors. Many classes also include an alcohol evaluation. This determines whether you should receive further treatment for alcohol issues, such as addiction or abuse.


Jail time is becoming more and more common with DWI, even for first-time offenders. Once your jail term is completed, you’ll also be subject to a probationary period. During this time, you must meet with a probation officer as ordered, as well as abide by the terms of your probation. The terms of probation can vary from person to person, but you must remain free of legal trouble for the time being. If you fail to do so you could be sent back to jail depending on the nature of the violation.