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What are the gun control laws in Texas?

While the Second Amendment guarantees that citizens of the United States may bear arms, gun control laws vary wildly from state to state. The purpose of such laws is to prevent the prevalence of gun crimes and violence. States have the difficult task of balancing the right to bear arms with a gun policy that puts them in the hands of people responsible enough to use them for the right reasons.

If you live in Texas and are considering purchasing a firearm, you may have questions about the legalities of obtaining one without risking a weapons charge. Keep reading for more information on who may possess guns in Texas, and which firearms you cannot own.

Texas is less strict than other states regarding gun laws

In some states, there are many restrictions when it comes to who may obtain a firearm and how long they must wait to receive it after their purchase. According to FindLaw, however, Texas gun control laws are a bit more relaxed. There is no waiting period in Texas, for example, between purchasing and receiving a gun.

In addition to a lack of waiting time, Texas has a short list of persons who may not own firearms at all. This list includes people in jail, felons within five years of their release or parole and minors under 18 who do not have parental consent.

Some firearms are still illegal in Texas

Texas’ penal code for firearms is similar to the federal regulations which oversee acceptable guns you may own. You cannot legally obtain or own machine guns, silencers for guns or short-barreled guns. Additionally, any ammunition designed to pierce armor is illegal.