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How do you reduce your teen’s chances of drunk driving?

Drinking and driving is a dangerous practice, especially for teenagers. If your teenager gets pulled over or arrested in Texas for driving after consuming alcohol, he or she could end up with a conviction for DWI or DUI. The difference between these charges depends on the driver’s blood alcohol concentration; the penalties for DWI are generally more severe. 

As a parent, there are several steps you may take to help prevent your teen from the physical and legal dangers of drinking and driving. 

Many teens develop an opinion on alcohol from their parents 

The Washington Post provides information about teenage drunk driving, including the fact that alcohol factors into nearly half of fatal car accidents involving teens. However, the article also provides information on several ways you may reduce your teen’s chances of drinking and driving. The Washington Post states that many teens think about and interact with alcohol based on their parents’ behavior. For example, if you avoid drinking, there is a lower chance your teen will drink. However, if you regularly consume alcohol, or drink to excess, you may encourage similar behavior in your children, even if you say they should avoid consuming alcohol. 

Having alternative transportation options may reduce the chances of drunk driving 

According to the article from The Washington Post, another way you may reduce the risk of your teen driving drunk is to provide other transportation options that are easy to access. For example, you may give your teen permission to call you for a ride home in any circumstances, even if he or she has been drinking. Providing funds for a taxi or ride-share service is another way to encourage your teen to get home without getting behind the wheel.