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Drunk driving allegations and one’s college education

When someone faces a DUI case, they likely have a number of concerns. For starters, these charges bring serious financial penalties for people and we understand that there are many other reasons why DUI cases are so significant. For example, those who are attending college or hope to attend college soon often experience challenges related to their academic goals in the wake of a drunk driving case. This post will explore some of these issues, which highlight why it is so pivotal for people in this position to address their case properly.

For starters, DUI charges often lead to the loss of driving privileges. For someone who plans on driving to college every day, and for current students who live on or off-campus, losing driving privileges disrupts daily life and college in multiple ways. Moreover, the financial penalties incurred as a result of a DUI case can prevent a student from continuing their education due to an inability to pay tuition.

In addition to financial concerns, drunk driving cases generate a lot of stress. For students who need to study for exams and complete stressful assignments, this poses a threat to grades and academic success. Some students have dropped out of college after failing a class because of a tough DUI case that got in the way of school.

Aside from these matters, DUI charges sometimes cause parents to stop supporting their child. For example, parents sometimes refuse to pay for any more of their child’s college after a law enforcement official stops them for driving under the influence. Read our DUI page to access more information related to addressing drunk driving charges.