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The Internet has proven to be a quick way of communicating and obtaining information. However, it often provides access to others’ personal information, such as their criminal record.

Helping Seal And Clear Criminal Records Since 1992

If you have been charged with a crime, the law office of Stephen H. Miller can help you clear or seal your record from the public eye. There are three different remedies available in Texas for limiting public and private access to your criminal record of arrests, charges, and cases against you:

  • Expunction removes all criminal arrests and charges from your record as if they never happened. To qualify for expunction, you must have been acquitted, found not guilty, or granted a pardon by the governor of Texas. You can also qualify if you were arrested but not prosecuted, or if the indictment was dismissed.
  • Petitions for nondisclosure can limit and restrict who can access your criminal record. To be eligible for this remedy, you must successfully complete deferred adjudication or deferred probation after being found guilty.
  • Motions to seal are available to juvenile defendants. This remedy effectively seals the juvenile’s criminal record to everyone except those in the court system. This remedy is only available to juvenile law clients in Texas under the age of seventeen.

A criminal charge or conviction can seriously affect your career and future. Though you may have been found guilty of a crime, you still have the right to your privacy.

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