Plano Juvenile Sexual Assault Lawyer

Error of judgment and childhood mistakes can often cause profound and lasting impact on the child’s current situation, as well as creating lasting consequences for the future.

These offenses generally revolve around experimentation, games and dares that have gone too far. While these decisions are simply regrettable mistakes or misguided choices, they have the potential to remain on a teenager or young adult’s record for the rest of his or her life. In some cases, a conviction will also result in the individual being required to register on state sex offender registries for decades, if not the rest of his or her life.

It is important that you seek the representation of a skilled criminal defense lawyer a quickly as possible to begin fighting the charges.

Texas Juvenile Sex Crime Attorney

It is not uncommon for these offenses to stem from differences in the ages of the individuals involved. Often called “Romeo and Juliet” crimes, these situations are many times simply an unfortunate misunderstanding. We work to show in court that the charges brought are excessive for the situation.

At the law office of Stephen H. Miller, it is our goal to craft a sexual assault defense that will minimize the charges and fight to protect the interests of the child or individual, protecting him or her from excessive future repercussions.

Plano Juvenile Sexual Assault Attorney

Many of these offenses are the result of a misunderstanding or misguided decision on the part of the child or a friend. We will work to ensure that the mistake does not mar his or her record far into the future, visible to future employers, colleges and associates.

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