Frisco Juvenile Drug Defense Attorney

Many juvenile offenders have been charged with drug-related offenses. Minors or Teenagers attempting to experiment, not understanding the significant impact it can have on their lives, both now and the future, they make poor decisions. These decisions, which can be as little as having a single pill in his or her possession, can end up on his or her record far into the future. Additionally, these charges carry stiff and aggressive penalties in the present. It is important that you hire an attorney that is experienced defending juvenile drug charges in Frisco, TX.

Prescription Drug Charges Defense For Youth

An increasing number of these offenses now revolve around the juvenile’s access to prescription drugs. Whether from a parent’s purse, a friend, or neighbors medicine cabinet, these pills can land the child in significant trouble very quickly. It is important that you contact an experienced defense attorney as quickly as possible to combat the charges and protect your child’s future.

Drug Defense Lawyer For Minor’s in Frisco, TX

With more than 30 years’ experience in criminal defense, attorney Stephen H. Miller has built a reputation as a skilled advocate on behalf of juvenile drug offenders in Frisco, TX. From underage DWI charges to charges of minor consumption, his aggressive and proactive approach will build a solid case in an efficient manner, resolving the matter as quickly as possible.

The juvenile court system is different from the adult criminal system. Mr. Miller has the understanding and skill needed to navigate it to a best-possible outcome and minimal charges.
We will work to involve both parents and the child in the case, working quickly toward a suitable resolution that best serves the child’s and the family’s interests.

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