Allen, TX Juvenile Drug Charge Lawyer

An increasing number of students and juveniles near Allen Texas are experimenting at earlier ages with drugs and controlled substances. Whether the substance was obtained from a parent’s medicine cabinet or from friend’s stash, the experimentation has the potential to carry costly penalties that will follow the child far into the future.

Prescription Drug Defense Attorney

Minor in possession charges are on the rise, and more and more of them revolve around juvenile access to prescription drugs. From Adderall to Vicodin to Codeine, some of these substances are highly addictive. In an attempt to deter widespread use, the state of Texas punishes the possession of these drugs aggressively, even among juveniles.
If your child is charged with a drug-related offense, it is important for you to quickly seek the experience of a skilled juvenile defense lawyer. You need to protect your child’s interests both now, seeking minimized penalties, but also far into the future as these charges will linger on his or her record for years.

Allen TX Juvenile Drug Charge Attorney

Attorney Stephen H. Miller has spent more than 30 years in the criminal system and has built a reputation as a skilled advocate for juvenile offenders. He takes an aggressive and proactive approach in working to stem the charges brought against your child and protect his or her interests.
The juvenile court system is different from the adult criminal system. Mr. Miller has the understanding and skill needed to navigate it to a best-possible outcome and minimal charges.

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