Plano Field Sobriety Test Defense

When you are pulled over for a suspected drunk driving offense, one of the initial tests that law enforcement generally administers is the field sobriety test. These tests assess whether your physical abilities are being impaired by alcohol or another substance. Tests are usually physical in nature and often include exercises such as:

  • HGN or eye test
  • Walking a straight heel-to-toe line
  • Balancing exercises
  • Recitations
  • Touching your nose
  • Tests of peripheral vision

These performances are often hindered by pre-existing medical and physical circumstances. Law enforcement will often attempt to use your condition to prove that you were not able to control your vehicle.

Texas Lawyer For Field Sobriety Test Refusal

Do not perform the requested field sobriety tests. Many times, these tests are used to build probable cause for blood, breath or urine tests.

It is important to be aware of your rights in the middle of these situations. Law enforcement will often attempt to force or intimidate you into unfair scenarios that are a violation of your civil rights.

While it is lawful for you to refuse a Breathalyzer test, it will result in the loss of license for a year. If you know that you have been drinking more than the lawful amount, it may be advantages to waive the test, accept the suspension and avoid further consequences.

Plano Field Sobriety Test Defense Lawyer

Attorney Stephen H. Miller has the skill and experience to assess the circumstances of your DWI stop and subsequent field sobriety test to establish inconsistencies with the accepted protocol. Don’t allow law enforcement to intimidate you; turn to representation that you can trust will defend your rights.

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