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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Potential defenses for charges concerning gun possession and alcohol

Texas may be a gun-friendly state, but the law does not look favorably on reckless or intoxicated possession of a firearm. Whether you have a License to Carry permit or not, state law carves out exceptions to the rights of gun owners when it comes to alcohol and drugs. Still, firearm owners may have strong … Read More

Can your child lose financial aid after a drug conviction?

College involves a major investment, and if you are like many parents of college students, you may have worked hard to secure financial aid for your child. While financial aid may have given your child the ability to attend college, his or her actions while there also have the potential to put a stop to … Read More

DUIAs and minors

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports, any amount of alcohol increases the risk of crashes among teens versus older age groups.  Texas’s Zero Tolerance laws classify drunk driving among teens as driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor. These laws are not meant to curb a child’s future, but rather to keep roads … Read More