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Put A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

About Stephen H. Miller, Attorney at Law

Attorney Stephen H. Miller, a Dallas native, has practiced criminal law in Dallas and Collin counties for more than 35 years, first as a prosecutor and now as a defense attorney. He founded our Plano-based firm in 1992 to focus exclusively on representing people facing all types of criminal charges. Over that time, he has built a strong reputation in the legal community for effectively protecting the rights of adults and juveniles who face charges in the criminal justice system.

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Veteran Experience In Criminal Law When You Need It Most

Mr. Miller has successfully defended clients facing a broad range of juvenile, misdemeanor and felony charges. No matter the charge, you can expect the same high level of service and representation. This includes:

  • Personal attention: Mr. Miller personally works with each client to walk him or her through the complex criminal justice system and negotiate with the prosecution.
  • Open lines of communication: Mr. Miller can be reached 24 hours a day, and he offers evening and weekend appointments. As his client, you will receive written communication about every offer and settlement option, allowing you to remain personally involved in your criminal case.
  • Unique perspectives: As a former prosecutor, Mr. Miller understands the inner workings of these cases in a way few attorneys can. He knows how the prosecution will build its case, prep for trial and cross-examine witnesses, allowing him to better anticipate what is coming in your case and keep you better informed.
  • Compassion: While Mr. Miller prides himself on giving clients straightforward advice about what they can expect to happen, he also is committed to helping people move on with their lives and not let mistakes derail their lives and futures.

While the law treats certain charges differently, we realize that every charge is serious for our clients. No matter what charge you are dealing with, we will work quickly and effectively to protect your rights and put you in the best position to get a successful outcome that minimizes any damage.

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